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Young Stars

🌟 **Unlock Your Child's Potential with Nth3crib Young Star Membership! 🌟**
Here at Nth3crib, we believe in empowering young minds to shine brightly that
supports the achievement of social, cultural, and educational memberships for
underprivileged arts opportunities.
🚀 **Confidence in Every Step:**
   - Our programs focus on building confidence, stage presence,
leadership, mentoring, and communication skills, providing a solid
foundation for a successful future.
🌈 **Exclusive Experiences Await You:**
   - Imagine monthly photoshoot parties, exciting child outings, and the chance to win a 
$250 shopping sprees or even a family vacation. These are just a few of the exclusive
experiences that await our members.
🤝 **Connect, Learn, Grow:**
   - Join a community where friendships flourish, learning is shared,
and personal growth is celebrated. Network with like-minded
youths, and be part of a supportive environment.

🌐 **Urnth3crib Foundation Partnership:**

   - We're proud to partner with Urnth3crib Foundation, ensuring high-quality

after-school programs that add immense value to your child's educational journey.


👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 **A Family-Friendly Approach:**

   - Nth3crib is not just a program; it's a family adventure. Engage with us, and watch

your whole family blossom together.


📆 **Transparent Communication:**

   - Stay in the loop with regular updates and transparent communication about

upcoming events, classes, and exclusive opportunities. Your journey with us is

an open book.


**Personalized Growth Plans:**

   - Each child is unique, and so is their growth journey with us. Experience personalized

plans that cater to individual strengths and aspirations.


💲 **Flexible and Affordable Memberships:**

   - We offer flexible membership options, making it easy for every family to access our

transformative membership.

🌟 **Empowerment Beyond Membership! 🌍**


At Nth3crib, we believe in giving back. With every membership,

we're proud to donate 15% to our nonprofit partner, Urnth3crib Foundation.


**Community Impact:**

- 🎓 **Education:** Support programs that enhance learning opportunities.

- 🏡 **Housing:** Contribute to initiatives providing stable living environments.

- 🤝 **Community Programs:** Help foster a stronger, more connected neighborhood.


Join Nth3crib, not just for personal growth but to be a part of a community that cares. Your membership doesn't just transform lives; it uplifts entire communities.

Children who take part in theater, music, dance, and other performative arts are more likely to finish high school and attend college while simultaneously far less likely to suffer from childhood obesity and related diseases.
According to US Census Bureau, the child poverty rate in America is 14% nationwide as of 2023. This amounts to 11.6 million children living in poverty in the United States. Creating opportunities for these children to rise above the cycle of poverty and achieve success in life represents a crucial need.


           Support children who are at risk of being left behind
           Encourage healthy lifestyles and academic achievement
           ​Ensure a safe harbor for youth, providing a secure and nurturing environment through high-quality arts facilities and caring supervision
The primary goal of the membership is growth. Our experience thus far has shown the strong benefits of our unique membership and the impact it has had on the youth we have served. Our vision is to continue to expand our membership, enabling our ability to reach more children across the community.
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"Young Star Membership"


  • Dance classes,

  • Acting classes

  • Performance/Stage Presence Coaching

  • Mentoring

  • Active Activities

  • Health and Well Being

  • Academic performance

  • Professional photography (Updated Monthly)

  • $250 Shopping Spree Giveaway(Monthly)

  • Performance Videos

  • Music Videos(Bonus)

  • Free Inclusion in all talent Showcases(Bonus)

  • Family Vacation Raffle Giveaway(Monthly)

  • Family Outings(Monthly)


Our Services

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