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Kids Booking and Talent Agency 

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Our focus is on providing opportunities for deserving kids. We started Nth3Crib 3 years ago with the mission to expose as much talent to the world as we could.  And so far so good.  We provide events and bookings throughout the Atlanta and Minneapolis areas and always bring the fun and excitement you'd expect.  Servicing the community through events, red carpet experiences, mentoring and more - it's what we do.


Atlanta's Only Choice For Booking


We provide you with mentors who have years of experience working in the industry. 

We notify you of job opportunities, help calm you down before the big meeting, coaching you on how to answer important questions. As mentors or job is to help you make the big decisions you will be facing throughout your career.


There is an art to negotiations. If done right, you can expect to get many rewards. If done wrong, you could lose the deal. This could mean career devastation.


We employ experienced agents who have the knowledge, tactics and special styles that can get you the contracts you deserve. 


Our agnecy is made up of specialists in the industry. We are experts and when you need help for something as big as your career, you want an expert in your corner.


We have years of expertise, education and on the job training. All these strengths are shared with you and used to your benefit.

What makes Us Different

We truly care about our clients.  We are never rude or unprofessional. Your smile is our reward.

We make sure your child's talent gets exposed.  Their light will finally shine bright for the world to see.

We Save you Time and Money.  Most Kids booking agencies are run like scams: charging for a lot upfront before any bookings. We never do that.

Not only can our services increase your child's status as an artist but we provide income making opportunities as well.  Making all the effort worthwhile.

Consistently Bringing The Fun and Excitement


How can we help?

Whether it is a big request or a small one, we are here to help! Fill out the form below, and a team member will be in touch right away! We are here to serve and help, and we only will send you the information you request, we do not “spam” you! Fill out the form below:

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